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Published: 02nd July 2010
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China's biggest private shoe manufacturers Aokang Global Strategy Group and VALLEVERDE to cooperate and get VALLEVERDE global brand franchise, its global brand marketing, operated by the O'Conner, VALLEVERDE provide product development resources, providing technical and legal support. In addition, VALLEVERDE will help Aokang in its Italian headquarters in the establishment of R & D center.

    Foreign business competition, and cooperation into the depth of development: from the initial to the later China OEM agent, to the global brand management partners. Aokang Group President Wang Zhentao, said "only cooperation can win" will be the mainstream trend of Sino-foreign cooperative enterprises.

    Report of the Seventeenth Party Congress clearly stated: 'To make full use of international science and technology resources',' innovation and foreign investment and cooperation and support enterprises in the development, production, sales and other aspects of international operations, accelerate the development of China's multinational companies and internationally renowned brand '. Italy 10 000 Li Weide Aokang the mode of cooperation with the promotion, is found in the reports from 17 major inspiration. Did not you find that we VALLEVERDE on global R & D, brands, green resources, ideas and full integration of market practice and the 17 big ideas and thoughts are the same strain report it? "January 8, Shanghai International Convention Center, in the beginning of the new year, Aokang Group President Wang Zhentao this to the media to explain his new way of internationalization.

    January 8 pm, at the Shanghai International Convention Center at the "make cooperation across the world to breathe freely - Global Strategy for Cooperation and Aokang and VALLEVERDE new conference 2008", China's biggest private shoe manufacturers Aokang Group and visibility and reputation of Italy's number one brand VALLEVERDE global strategic cooperation agreement was formally signed.

    According to the agreement: Aokang Group obtained VALLEVERDE global brand franchise, its global brand marketing is operated entirely by O'Conner, VALLEVERDE provide product R & D resources to provide technical and legal support. In addition, VALLEVERDE Aokang Group will help set up its headquarters in Italy, R & D center, and to provide space, equipment and production resources, development of the two sides shared the results. Not the OEM, not the general agent in China, nor is it overseas acquisitions in recent years, cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises in the story and now have the latest version of the form.

    According to reports, VALLEVERDE brand was founded in 1969, has been nearly 40 years of history, its products, "such as walking barefoot in green grass-like" and "to your feet fitted with 'air'" green consumer experience and comfort known. Image of China in the first VALLEVERDE shop on January 9 Huaihai Road in Shanghai opened.

    VALLEVERDE Dr Lee has been head of research dedicated to foot care, and breathing from the grass and leaves to find inspiration and pioneered the "infinite ventilation technology", thus creating the world's footwear industry "breathing" function shoes consumption age. Because of the Italian footwear industry and the community, Lee was awarded the Knight of the Order of the President of Italy, and won the 2001 prize, Italy's most prominent business leaders.

    Currently, VALLEVERDE has more than 2,300 stores worldwide. Pele, the famous Hollywood actor Kevin Kesitena have had as its brand ambassador, it is also the sponsor of Ferrari Touring Car and 2006 World Cup champion Italy's footwear products supplier.

    For the cooperation with the Aokang, Dr Lee said at the event day, both sides have the creative combination of traditional Italian and Chinese commercial and productivity. "VALLEVERDE advanced technology has been a huge success in Italy and Europe, but to conquer the world, must find a good partner. Aokang Group, the international market in recent years has shown momentum is obvious to all, we are assured also have confidence in them, "he said.

    Some experts have pointed out that Europe, including footwear, including some of the decline of traditional industries have been presented, which makes a number of Chinese companies seeking international market giants see new opportunities to change the order of the world market, cooperative approach or do OEM, or implementation of cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

    "Always take the high-end industry in Europe, in fact weak competition, the Chinese footwear industry is access the European market classes can be further said that with 'Made in China' has formed a strong potential, Chinese companies were responding to the world class." Shanghai University Professor Yan Feng in a telephone interview that "This is obviously Chinese enterprises to achieve international best opportunity."

    Aokang shoes industry in China is not always in the cards known by common sense, whether at home or abroad, have had quite a surprise layout, and now the brand Aokang cooperation with VALLEVERDE different again, which for now still puzzled "Chinese design" and "Made in China" is no doubt the Chinese manufacturing sector, a new breakthrough. "Whether you can find another way to use the existing brand resource, industrial manufacturing and marketing network edge replacement and integration times of the world's brand new way", the industry is looking very concerned also.

    Aokang's confidence comes from: 20 years in China, the world's largest footwear market, the success of the brand and market experience, the three major shoe production base in support of advanced under the production capacity of more than 2000 million pairs of leather shoes, while the alliance VALLEVERDE, more is Aokang has been focused on creating products that further enhance the R & D capability. "Only cooperation can win," Wang Zhentao day to its new partner Dr Lee engraved gift such a word, is quite meaningful.

    Aokang in person seems familiar, try this new cooperation model, it is Aokang Group, an international strategy to upgrade needs. It is understood that began in late 2006 and the EU anti-dumping lawsuit on leather shoes to the world witnessed the Aokang has a strong international confidence, in addition to the formal launch last year in June since the new global marketing strategy, Aokang has been successively in the United States, India, Hong Kong and other overseas companies to set up and adopt the localization strategy to develop overseas market momentum rather rapidly. offers high quality suppliers and high quality products, such as PEM Fastener Supplier , China Machined Parts Machining Parts for domestic and oversee buyer. To know more information, please visits

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