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Published: 02nd July 2010
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Since 2005 the overall operation of China's machinery industry point of view, is expected compared to last year, the annual output value and sales revenue will grow 20%; profits will remain level or slightly increase over the previous year; export earnings to rise 30% about. In 2006, the domestic machinery industry is expected to reach 15% of sales can increase. From the large environment, this is the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", the year is the year of general local government. GDP growth is expected at 8% ~ 9%. On the other hand, from the machinery industry's own conditions, the current domestic demand and more normal, exports have been strong, also have to maintain 15% growth possible. Run trends in the major sub-sectors as follows:
    Power equipment manufacturing industry: This year, power generation equipment orders to be delivered is still at its peak, by their drive, power transmission and industry task in full, the entire electrical equipment manufacturing industry is expected to reach 20% of the growth, production of power equipment in 2007 began to fall from the peak. Currently the factory has been in decline in order prices, orders after 2008 is obviously insufficient. Compared with power generation equipment, high voltage power transmission equipment manufacturing cycles will be an appropriate delay, which will help ease the decline of power generation equipment.
    Heavy mining machinery industry: As the metallurgy, coal, mining and other major user industries intensity of technological transformation of key enterprises, the demand for advanced technology and equipment will continue to maintain a high level, coupled with power generation equipment and petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry to the power station cast forgings and heavy container to maintain high demand, heavy mining industry can still be expected to achieve 20% growth.
    Petroleum and petrochemical machinery industry: the oil and petrochemical products demand, against the backdrop of rising oil prices, oil and petrochemical industry, the situation in a very good investment, thus boosting the oil and petrochemical machinery manufacturing industry. This year the industry is still expected to achieve 30% growth.
    General machinery manufacturing industry: fans, compressors, pumps, valves and other products as represented by the general machinery manufacturing, by electricians, heavy-duty mining machinery, petrochemical equipment manufacturing supporting demand pull, can be achieved this year 20% 15% growth.
    Machine tool industry: With the automobile, motorcycle, heavy electrical industry, investment and other major users of the fall peak, speed machine tool industry will continue to fall this year the industry will grow 15% to 20%.
    Automotive industry: the automotive industry this year will show a steady trend of development in the energy-saving products including passenger vehicles are popular, low-emission vehicles has grown; motorcycle industry as a whole is stable. Efficiency of the sector is far greater than the difficulties of growing sales.
    Agricultural Machinery Industry: The central and local financial subsidies to farmers to purchase agricultural machinery continue to increase the intensity, while continuing to take measures to Farmers and therefore agricultural production and marketing is expected to continue to improve, the growth rate is expected in about 20%.
    Other industries: hydraulic, seals manufacturing growth of 10% to 15%; parts manufacturing 20%; bearing industry of 8% to 10%; construction machinery manufacturing industry of around 5%; mold manufacturing 15% to 20%; culture Office machinery manufacturing 15%; internal combustion engine industry, 5% to 8%; environmental protection machinery manufacturing 17%; food and packaging machinery manufacturing 10% to 15%; refrigeration and air conditioning machinery manufacturing 15% to 20%; Printing Machinery manufacturing 10%.

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