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Published: 04th August 2010
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With years of efforts
hard work, timely development and innovation,
States United States
Has become the most influential
Home Appliances
Retailers. Meanwhile, Gome has summarized a set of relatively mature for the Chinese market, home appliance chain management experience, ready for high-speed expansion of a solid
Base and a feasible plan. Have stationed in Tianjin, Shenyang, Jinan, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu, Gome swept south, the National Extension Zhang accelerated. November 30, 2002, the United States stationed in the country's first store in Shenzhen?? Settled Huaqiang North Trade Circle Huaqiang store, this day has been as a home appliance industry influence the direction of development of Shenzhen's annual economic events included the development of the history of Chinese home appliances.

May have a lot of countries and the United States and old customers, like beauty, Shenzhen, China, are clearly remember the store when it opened to bring the Shenzhen Huaqiang great shock. At opening, tens of thousands of low specials attracted many from the city and the surrounding
Who opened the same day that sales break 10 million yuan, setting a time the country home appliance retail market in Shenzhen and even a new record sales. Where is the charm of Gome? Follow the fashion trend of consumption, the provision of quality goods and the characteristics of low-cost professional
?? This is the beauty industry has been on the state assessment.
Shenzhen appliances to build the new coordinate

As China's largest
Home Appliances
Retailers, Gome chain by virtue of their biggest sales
Chinese home appliance itself as a "low basin," exclaimed by many scholars as the "national U.S. phenomenon." Facts have proved that wherever Gome have to undergo a major shock to local home appliance market, the end of the consumer electronics market, "the era of expensive." Lower the price to go higher volume, the more willing to intervene in the category, this positive
Resulted in the rapid expansion of its category, even non-home appliance products such as
GOME products have to catch the express train, and promote the prosperity of the household appliances industry.

After five years of steady development, Shenzhen has become undoubtedly Gome Home Appliances
Coordinates, set a side for the industry
, A classic example. Zhang, general manager of Shenzhen Gome guard said: "Shenzhen States United States to overcome various difficulties and keep fighting hard, and gradually improve the developed and gradually formed its own marketing system, the formation of a national annual sales of more than 6 billion U.S. vanguard."

He also said that as an industry pioneer, State United States can be said to be feeling
Cross the river, accumulating experience for the industry. States United States After the process of exploration, completion and management of brand equity accumulation of experience, the national U.S. brand awareness, reputation, loyalty has been an excellent development, further large-scale expansion of this laid a solid foundation for the industry the development of a reference.

Greater root development in Shenzhen

Recalled the past five years made great achievements in the future, guard thoughtful chapter: "for five years for the development of circulation, not really too long. But the beauty of Shenzhen China storms come and go on a take a peak. thank the Government and the community support, for consumers love. Shenzhen State United States is steadily walking in the diversified, large-scale, international development path, we will face a brand new challenge . We will also take root in Shenzhen, to achieve greater development. "
guards said the sea as a vast part of business, the National US-clear: only achievement of social order to their own success, competition should not only brutal fight, but should be interactive development through competition among enterprises, so as to society, provide customers with better products and services to enable people to have a better
. The next country the U.S. would continue to "pioneers, contributing to society" and
The spirit of adhering to the "puerile" purposes and "operators no domain" of courage, an advanced product purchase, storage, sales process management control system, a cost savings for consumers control expert; to establish a guaranteed customer satisfied with the whole process of service management system, not only to consumers a wide variety of products, while providing emotional experience, in the pre-sale and after sale to customer satisfaction and shopping bring unexpected joy, and set up in the consumer electrical expert's image.

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