Enhance the productivity of the garment industry "secret weapon"

Published: 10th May 2010
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Garment factories around the world have 95% of production line is almost the same. Regardless of product type, style, or batch, each traditional bale-style production line are the same, about 30 workers is configured with an administrator, a quality control staff, and some machines have a repair technician or trainer. Piece-rate pay of workers is taken, and management purposes only basis in the standard working hours to maximize yield. Focus of the entire production line management process to eliminate bottlenecks in pieces, while online and the end product inspection purposes only ensure the quality of finished products off the assembly line before.
However, the traditional strapping production system ignores the importance of the total production cost - which includes sorting and packing defects modify the time cost, but only focus on short-term production efficiency, the cost of imposing controls on the visible, but at the same time tolerate a lot of waste. At the same time, this plant configuration can not satisfy customers more and more want: flexible production and reliable quality, and fast delivery. Experts believe that without additional investment, to improve the configuration of a garment factory production lines and practices will help improve enterprise productivity, and better meet the rapid response to customer demand.
Fast Delivery
Advanced Enterprise understood when the other manufacturers can deliver in one week, two weeks of production time is inappropriate. Moreover, they will be from design, production preparation, through to delivery, and include logistics, transportation and other stages of analysis of customer needs, and thinking Ruhe Yi the best ways to meet.
Such enterprises for their weaknesses, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, will develop a detailed five-year plan for response, the efforts of 目标 may include Yi shorten the lead time of operations and production Line should Kuaisufanying Shi Chang, reduce expenditure and management costs, increase productivity, reduce raw materials inventory and improve product quality.
In working methods, management and operating systems and technology should be fully studied, so that capital, labor, raw materials, time, space and equipment and other resources to achieve maximum efficiency. In addition, another should not be overlooked is that design errors or product specifications are extra special, while the lack of standardization makes it difficult when a large number of production.
But even in a very flexible production environment, are still some areas still may provide standards, such as belt wear pants in the methods. Quality standards for error or misunderstanding as using the wrong machines or tools, bad field configuration, and the lack of proper training will be unnecessary work.
In addition to unnecessary work, the time will vary by product type to waste too much with the lack of standardization, which will increase the idle time to change models. Work orders like poor planning as machine failure, may reduce the operator and machine efficiency.
The movement of raw materials
Pieces in the factory and the car moved under the needle, it is true can save a lot of time - in other words, help to speed up output.
In most garment factories, 80% of the time spent handling pieces, while only 20% of the time in sewing, ironing or finishing.
Therefore, the production time of 30 minutes of clothing is, in fact, only 6 minutes of work is productive, can generate value. The remaining pieces to use in mobile and finishing, so that pieces can play 6 minutes in front of said benefits of 24 minutes, in fact, is not productive.
Handling operations will not produce value, only increased manufacturing costs. Such as workstations and workstations to move the labor movement of people between jobs, whether by operator or administrator to help complete, are not productive. In addition, the packing and unpacking pieces, folded and spread out the work, as well as inventory registration operations are not productive.
In addition, the pieces will line the backlog of accumulated funds, not only does not increase the value of clothing, will occupy the factory space and lower output speed. If not bale type to manual handling and finishing pieces, and to meet the ergonomic way to cut pieces to move between points in the sewing, sewing, such as modular system or systems such as Switchtrack suspension pieces, 80:20 longer than the original, may become 60:40 or better.
This is the time to replace non-productive time to productivity, so that the entire process to maximize the benefits. In short, focus on minimizing unnecessary work.
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