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Published: 08th July 2010
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Consumer Electronics Industry Research Center of CCID Consulting

Industrial economy to changes in the network economy is not just a technological revolution, but also transformation of business strategy changes with a change in lifestyle. With the advantage of the prominent e-commerce market, also to the network economy
Small appliances
Industry brings opportunities. Although a small proportion of Internet sales
Home Appliances
The share of sales channels increased year by year, but as a new business model, in the immature market conditions, many are still at the exploratory stage, small appliances B2C (Business to Consumer) e-business models from product planning, pricing strategies, marketing strategy , regional strategy to start the move or in small household electrical appliance enterprises "winter jacket."

First, take the fine line of products. Small appliances with low threshold, high profit margins and huge potential market capacity to attract domestic and foreign household electrical appliance enterprises from various quarters to extend the product line of small household appliances, which also contains many-name "screwdriver factories", mixed products on the market. I think that the future B2C e-commerce channel choice of small household appliances enterprises should choose to invest in this channel for high-quality, high performance product, walk fine line, to eliminate concerns of consumers of the service, to enhance consumer confidence in electronic shopping.

Second, low price faiths. In the small appliance B2C early stage of development in emerging channels, the price is competitive with traditional home appliances the most powerful channels of competitive weaponry. Compared with the traditional channels of home appliances, B2C sales model to reduce the business into the store fees, promotional costs, inventory costs of running the store to less than 20% of the cost, there are obvious cost advantages. Therefore, small appliances should be profit sharing profit e-business models to the customer, the network real benefits consumers and stimulate the desire to buy again.

Third, personalized Web services is the key. Personalized service to improve customer relationships, cultivating customer loyalty and increase online sales and so has an obvious effect, so how individual network marketing is very important. Current living standards so that consumers tend to personalize the consumer behavior, the network can not provide face to face services, and information needs can be customized, personalized and timely understanding of consumer needs, respond quickly to provide paste the "New" services. At present, some websites have been launched customized OEM products for consumers, consumers are free to the website of the "material" in combination, produce a unique personalized products.

Fourth, the preferred regional market bigger and stronger. The present status of the Chinese e-commerce market for small household electrical appliances at this stage does not have the e-commerce business conditions across the region, so dedicated to e-commerce sales of small household electrical appliance enterprises can not merely grandiose, the pursuit of a national business. For now, China's regional markets in the economic, cultural, differences in spending habits and so obvious, so concerned about the B2C e-commerce market of small household appliances enterprises, should be in the product selection, market changing products, product pricing, logistics and services fully Taking into account the characteristics of regional markets, based on regional market development for the future and lay a solid foundation of national development.

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