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Published: 29th May 2010
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From 2002 to see the current context of Chinese sanitary ware industry is very simple, very clear distribution of sanitary ware in China, north Tang Tao, Hui-up, four-dimensional west, south, Eagle, Diamond, Wrigley, YI, Dongpeng, Jishi Duo , Apollo and other enterprises, Chaozhou region also focused on the nearly 100 large and small, family-ware workshop, several of which nearly ware brand has to stand out from the family workshop and began building the brand, the initial formation of the brand architecture, constructed out of the current layout of domestic ware growing areas, while the domestic high-grade sanitary ware manufacturer, or concentrated in foreign-funded enterprises to enter the Chinese market years of American Standard, TOTO, Kohler, and only recently began to frantically grab the Chinese market, British pottery, music home, Coma, Hansgrohe and so higher grade line, sanitary ware market in China in 2002 has become the international competition situation, international, personal, style is the market consumption characteristics.

Situation on market expansion

Since 2000, the floor tiles market battles for many companies with tremendous market pressure, enterprises in the chaos of the market began to find a way out, no doubt just built up in recent years, sanitary ware market and the existence of one of the huge profit margins a second breach of such forces.

This year, more and more manufacturers began to set foot ceramic tile sanitary ware market, first to do Pao Guangzhuan Dongpeng famous domestic ceramic launch series of marketing strategy, brand re-Dongpeng sanitary ware market image and channel construction, the latter is the pottery industry giant new sources to market in the first sanitary ware products, and Mona Lisa ceramics, the new Pearl ceramic sanitary ware market also lining up, more and more polished ceramic enterprises have experienced a difficult market operation turned into Ocean sanitary ware brand all over the world market, for product distribution, brand promotion, profits up, bigger and stronger market breakthrough. In the sanitary ware market has had a place in Eagle, Tangshan Hui Da, Jishi Duo, Wrigley, four-dimensional and so continue to ensure market share from the original variety and style to the international development.

And many foreign brands, domestic brands become stretched high-end market expansion strategy. After 10 years of domestic sanitary ware market penetration, American Standard, Coma, TOTO, Kohler, Roca and other foreign brands have been gaining a solid footing in China, its features as a guide in the domestic market, sanitary ware market brand awareness Sanitary and domestic industries can not yet.

Industry experts believe that the current level of production design of sanitary ware in China is still at the end of international standards, while in the advanced foreign companies still remain in the pursuit of learning the roles, in a dazed state. Basically the style of the current international in Europe and the United States is more emphasis on leisure portfolio, Japanese companies in the style of basic subject matter with the United States sleek, elegant style full match, but it is more focused on sanitary science and technology content, these two styles ware design trends constitute the two major world trends. However, in these sanitary caught between foreign and domestic also break the Eagle, YI Li, Hui-up, Jishi Duo, Wrigley, four-dimensional, black horse Dongpeng markets, although the overall strength yet can not be compared with foreign brands, but aggressive momentum.

The general trend of a market for refined

The sanitary ware market in early 2002 under the dark waves surging in the horizon, the industry early in the morning that the sanitary ware market in 2002 will change the situation there. Tao Bohui, the Eagle launched a strong domestic ware product Ao Gula as a new bright spot in terms of design, or changes in the functional areas are Eagle Enterprises ware nearly two years in a qualitative leap.

Dominating the market for sanitary ware After two years of exploration has gradually become a certain climate, Tao Bohui whole bathroom space during the launch of the market integration of a new breakthrough, industry, the whole bathroom is also a world first, and at the end of sales achieved very significant results, and caused widespread concern in the industry in Guangdong Chaozhou Chao Fengxi and small and medium sized sanitary wares, the rapid development of attention for the industry.

High-end markets to maintain domestic cities are still a foreign brand, American Standard, TOTO, Kohler, Roca and other brands in addition to high-end retail brand on the beat was in the works on the prices of many well-known sanitary ware brand become a huge threat and just recently returned from Beijing news, Eagle Enterprises Ao Gula also began competing menacing star hotels, luxury bathroom consumer market.

Industrial design rift still exists

European building and sanitary ceramics industry has a long history, process and production technologies in the international leading level, the product excellent. So far, the most in the international design style is still optimistic about the world European style. The design of the Chinese market in 2002 does not seem to spend more effort, YI, Eagle this year, product design in the sanitary ware made personal innovation, new sanitary ware refreshing, but still can not change China's industrial design behind the Sanitary Products situation.

Tile industry is the same now remain in the technological transformation, the consumers really saw in "dressing" and not done. The sanitary ware industry, more so. Insiders pointed out that sanitary ware market in 2002 is certain achievements, but at present there is no market-oriented sub-part of the energy out of things to do industrial design, which is the industry to give up on the industrial design is not really there is no domestic industrial design talent, and some experts in industrial design value in the design and not the industry or business focus, somehow sense that this is a market rise of Chinese wares market, an abnormal development of the tragedy.

Industry expressed concern about this situation, China is the lack of sanitary ware products is such a personality, something original, and more sanitary products still remain in the cost of low-level competition.

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