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Published: 17th June 2010
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  After China's fur industry, the rapid development in recent years, transformation of the increasingly mature, which will also bring its significant characteristics of the industry, obviously the industry is characterized by industry, people want to be controlled, and use.

1. The internationalization of Chinese domestic brands fur

Over the past brought the brand international, people's mind immediately flashed out of the country fur products to consumers in China recognized the extent, however, as China's continuous upgrading of the level of consumption, China will become the world's fur producing and consuming nations, from this year's urban population The wearing fur on the domestic consumption of enlightenment will be shown a rising trend, and in order to mink clothing as an example:

Jiaodong region this year, compared with 07 women dressed in the spring increase in the rate of about twice as many urban and rural areas across the country fox and raccoon skin, rabbit skin, etc., clothing and feather collar women's hair products on it all the more.

There is the most important point, that is, the sharp drop in export volume, according to "China Business" in January 2008 said that China's manufacturing export orders index the first time in three years "storm reduction" signs, from the full year, China's foreign trade exports this year, is expected to fall to 18%, while last year's annual export growth of China's 25.7%. An up and down through the data to an analysis of China's main market fur in the future will be domestic. China's rapid economic development that will shape China to become world center for the dream of Chinese fur is also the internationalization of domestic brands of paper will not be an empty talk!

. Fur breeding industry to a higher level

China's fur breeding industry have been stormy, and gradually developed, but it is currently experiencing an unprecedented situation, that is, the small family farmers and the majority of large and medium-sized farming enterprises in the market is able to co-Boyi Enron problems.

Chinese fur farming industry, lack the necessary access and monitoring mechanism is to say, the operation in the market have more human factors, farm financial strength, the level of business decision-makers, the market determines the price fluctuations have a farm the rise and fall. I believe that in view of the future, China fur product margins shrinking trend, there will be a part of the small farmers unable to bear the torment of the market, as well as in decision-making on the direction of capital investment, technical errors in the areas of withdrawal, of course, there will be number of few small farmers can grow up, but also some large and medium-sized farming enterprises failing to meet market demand due to the closure of the aquaculture industry, after adjustments have no doubt that the market risk on the ability to fight is a great improvement, but not said that the future of those who would not quit.

. Information will be taken seriously

Beginning last year, affected by the impact of multi-market price of the Chinese fur has become more disordered, the domestic fur business out of corporate profits and future considerations, increased the degree of concern for information and see the progress and can not hide the problem, it should say in the future In (formation period of the Chinese fur brands co-exist with the popular demand) two-track system of Chinese fur business-to-skin leather grassland selection and price will be higher demand, thus promoting the importance of market information, information on the importance of enterprise development will be the maximum upgrade, however, I only know there were only a fur Hebei enterprises to establish an information center, how quickly and improve access to information mechanism and as a priority in China's fur companies pressing issues before us.

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