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Published: 17th June 2010
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BD Star Navigation

BD Star Navigation Technology Co., Beijing in 2000, along with China's Compass navigation satellite was successfully launched in China determined to promote development of satellite navigation and positioning industry responsibility, to create made of satellite navigation and positioning services in a professional company. The company's main business is the application of location-based information systems, satellite navigation and positioning products supply and location-based operational services, research and development, production, sales, service navigation, command and control, precision measurement, military and civilian applications such as target surveillance .

As China's first satellite navigation and positioning services in a professional company, the Big Dipper through the company is committed to provide users with the status of satellite-based navigation technology solutions, satellite navigation and positioning products in the business, the company co-innovation and independent innovation, for mapping, machine control, marine fisheries, defense, telecommunications, electricity and other areas, including BDNAVGNSS series boards, Compass Group, multi-user equipment central series of products; in location-based information system applications business, the company through the integration of innovative satellite navigation, communication, geographic information and other resources and application of the depth of integration of industry processes, improve user productivity sector operational efficiency, reduce operating costs; location-based services to business operations through the development of the Big Dipper is another important strategic direction, the Company has completed the Compass system to the core, and the integration of mobile communication systems and the Internet Beidou operating service network, providing navigation for registered users, digital packet communications services and location-based value-added information services. Big Dipper through three business complement each other and promote each other, forming a "product + application + operating system services" business model, creating the "Big Dipper through" the resounding brand positioning.

As authorized by the competent national authorities involved in the Beidou system operation service business first enterprise, the Big Dipper through the company have made "The People's Republic of China value added telecommunications business license" and "The People's Republic of China telecommunications and information services business license" ; 2003 the company adopted the national standard GB/T19001-2000 and national military standard GJB9001A-2001 Dual-mass systems certification, 2005, was named "top ten most promising fifth Zhongguancun high-tech small and medium enterprises", in 2006 won the Zhongguancun corporate credit rating of the highest level - ZC1-level qualification, and was elected in 2006 growth of SMEs in China 100; in August 2007, the Big Dipper through the company was officially listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002151).

BDStar positioning satellite navigation market needs China

"Listed as the first domestic satellite navigation companies, the Big Dipper through the objective is to make satellite navigation and positioning industry leader in technology. At present, the 'Chinese Compass' satellite navigation system with the U.S. GPS, Russia's Geluonasi The EU's Galileo system, along with the United Nations recognized as the core of the global satellite navigation system suppliers, 'China's Compass' has become a resounding international national brand. "Beijing BD Star Navigation Technology Co., Ltd., Zhou Ruxin recently told reporters so that interview. China's satellite navigation and positioning

Management Center Deputy Director Zhao Kangning in an interview with reporters, said the satellite navigation technology is an important component of overall national strength part, the United States, Russia, the European Union are willing to invest heavily in building the satellite navigation system. At present, China's "Compass" satellite navigation system has been put into commercial operation or enter the market testing stage. From China and 15 European countries participate in European civil satellite navigation "Galileo Program" is actively advancing. U.S. GPS system has 24 satellites, regardless of where targets have four satellites in operation around the goal of synchronization. The current "Compass" Only a few satellites, are built with less investment in regional satellite navigation system. Currently the most widely used GPS system can be used in aircraft, automobiles, ship navigation, security, banking, medical, fire and other use it to establish control, alarm, rescue system, enterprises can establish a modern logistics management system GPS.

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