Gome Home Appliances Retail coordinates into Shenzhen - GOME Electrical Appliances, appliance stores

04th August 2010
With years of efforts hard work, timely development and innovation, States United States Electrical Has become the most influential Home Appliances Retailers. Meanwhile, Gome has summarized a set of relatively mature for the Chinese market, home a... Read >

ELISA - medical crutch manufacturer - waist seal and girdle manufacturer

27th July 2010
Applications ELISA results using S-OIV A neuraminidase antibody at 1 g/ml to probe the immunogenic and the corresponding seasonal influenza A neuraminidase peptides at 50, 10, 2 and 0 ng/ml. Because the ELISA can be performed to evaluate either the pres... Read >

E-commerce or in small household electrical appliance enterprises "winter jacket" - small appliances

08th July 2010
Consumer Electronics Industry Research Center of CCID Consulting Industrial economy to changes in the network economy is not just a technological revolution, but also transformation of business strategy changes with a change in lifestyle. With the ad... Read >

361 listing on Hong Kong Ding family net worth rose 4.0 billion - Sheet Metal cabinet

05th July 2010
Prospectus shows the equity structure of the company after the listing, including the president, Wu Ding Ding family, including No. 3 together hold 1.095 billion shares, representing 54.75% of shares of listed companies. Only price, it's 361 degrees after... Read >

VALLEVERDE Aokang Group and international brands to reach cooperation agreement - PEM Fastener Suppl

02nd July 2010
China's biggest private shoe manufacturers Aokang Global Strategy Group and VALLEVERDE to cooperate and get VALLEVERDE global brand franchise, its global brand marketing, operated by the O'Conner, VALLEVERDE provide product development resources, providin... Read >

Machinery industry running situation and steel demand outlook - Hydraulic Couplings Manufacturer

02nd July 2010
Since 2005 the overall operation of China's machinery industry point of view, is expected compared to last year, the annual output value and sales revenue will grow 20%; profits will remain level or slightly increase over the previous year; export earning... Read >

Beijing BD Star Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction - Beidou navigation, GPS navigator - au

17th June 2010
BD Star Navigation BD Star Navigation Technology Co., Beijing in 2000, along with China's Compass navigation satellite was successfully launched in China determined to promote development of satellite navigation and positioning industry responsibilit... Read >

Characteristics of China's fur industry has matured significantly - PEM Fastener Manufacturer

17th June 2010
  After China's fur industry, the rapid development in recent years, transformation of the increasingly mature, which will also bring its significant characteristics of the industry, obviously the industry is characterized by industry, people want to ... Read >

China under the International Sanitary

29th May 2010
From 2002 to see the current context of Chinese sanitary ware industry is very simple, very clear distribution of sanitary ware in China, north Tang Tao, Hui-up, four-dimensional west, south, Eagle, Diamond, Wrigley, YI, Dongpeng, Jishi Duo , Apollo and o... Read >

Enhance the productivity of the garment industry "secret weapon"

10th May 2010
Garment factories around the world have 95% of production line is almost the same. Regardless of product type, style, or batch, each traditional bale-style production line are the same, about 30 workers is configured with an administrator, a quality contr... Read >

Lucky The Second Film Factory

19th April 2010
Lucky Group Second Film Factory is located in Nanyang City, Henan Province, is China's largest printing photosensitive material research and production base, is also the only domestic company that has a printing capacity of film and printing plates, all-r... Read >

Shenzhen Li-ion battery industry

16th April 2010
Lithium power industry in China's development and is closely related to cell phone batteries, and lithium power industry is guided by a group of private enterprises. At present, China has become the world's largest manufacturers of lithium battery prod... Read >